Friday, June 18, 2010

Football, Frisbee, and Fufu

Today I stuck around the house, slept in a bit, got some writing taken care of for the night before and watched the first two football matches of the day. I'll quote a friend when I say it was shocking that out of two matches and three teams, there was no single victory to cheer for! Later in the afternoon, I went outside to throw the frisbee around some more with Eric and Frances. Eric and his friends had the disc overnight and probably at school, and so when I got it back, it was not only washed, my name had been re-traced in sharpie, and two more names were added to the list.

Eric's mother and aunt came outside closer to dinner to pound fufu. Fran had shown me pictures of the process before, but I was really curious, so I came over to watch. They knew I'd never tried fufu before, and offered me a piece of the un-pounded cassava (another first). It also tastes starchy and potato-like, and you can see in the pounding process, it's a lot like kneading dough for bread. One person works to release the gluten in the cassava by pounding with this big heavy piece of bamboo while another turns the fufu between pounds and adds water as necessary. I asked if they would let me pound, but I didn't realize how much force and movement was needed, and so I was laughed at for my few wimpy attempts. I have to work on my technique for sure.

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