Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day 1

I touched down in Accra around 7am local time, something around 3am back home. Once we broke through the clouds, boom, there was Accra. I'd watched the plane icon on the little monitor on the seat in front of me sail over Ivory Coast, but with all of the clouds (it's the rainy season, after all) it didn't look like anything special. Everything is so green, and the dirt is so strikingly red, it's pretty cool to see. It's not hotter than back home here, but it's almost full humidity, and so when there isn't a breeze, it's a bit difficult to sit around in the heat.

We were led off the airplane onto the tarmac to meet a bus to take us back to the terminal. The bus was covered in "New York" signs and drove us all of 100 yards, so when we got off and turned around, there was the plane. I ended up chatting with some soccer fans in line for customs, they were on their way to South Africa to see three or four matches. (Hello, if you're reading!)

Fran was waiting for me at the entrance to the terminal, no problems there. We took a cab back to the house in Tema, first taking the main paved road, then turning onto the dirt roads. In the rainy season, the roads are either pitted or covered in mud, so it's slow and zig-zagged going.

The house is still under construction here, but it's a pretty cool place. I'll be putting up some pictures of it tomorrow when it's light out again (sun sets around 6:30, so it's already dark outside).

Well, that's it for today. I ended up sleeping a whole lot during the day to catch up on jet-lag and general sleep deprivation. The US-England game is on. I can hear fans cheering from outside the window, it feels like I'm back in state college again during March Madness or the World Series.

One last thing before I sign off. With tea, we had these:

Sorry about the reverse image, it was taken with a webcam rather than a camera.

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