Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Coconut and Thunderstorms

Ten days to go until I take off for Ghana. It really feels like June popped up out of nowhere, but I guess that's what happens when you're busy moving around the northeast for a week and a half. I spent a good part of today dropping things off for this weekend's theater gala at the high school, then stuck around for a while to talk with some old teachers (several of whom will now be following this blog, pressure's on).

Back at home now, I'm working on some of those coconut toffee treats in addition to making some quick lunch before heading out again. I've got a frisbee game tonight, despite the on-and-off downpours and intense humidity. I know it'll be this hot, if not warmer, in Ghana, but I really don't know what to expect as far as precipitation. Fran said something about it being the rainy season over there right now, so maybe I'll get to see some impressive thunderstorms coming in off the Atlantic. (Quick update, just checked weather.com, says that Accra is having just about the same weather as Philadelphia, highs in the mid-80s, humidity making it feel like the mid-nineties, heavy thunderstorms for the next three days. Who would expect that several thousand miles away, the weather is exactly the same?)

Just popped the coconut into the oven for toasting, I'll be going back to reading some more of that book Petra lent to me. It seems pretty interesting already.

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  1. Hi, Katie: My computer seems to have died the 2nd day I was here, so I've not been able to do much writing on the Internet. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the airport on Saturday. I hope you'll have time to post an update before you leave the States.