Friday, July 2, 2010

Plantain Adventures, Round 2

Four more of my plantains were starting to look brown, and I knew that with my weekend plans, I'd be pressed for time to save these fruits if I didn't cook them today. So I made tatale. They were pretty good, but not quite what I'd had in Ghana. A few notes that I'd change from the Betumi recipe: stick to the 1/3 cup of each flour rather than 1/2 cup, my tatale just tasted too dry (I also used whole wheat rather than white flour, and used a coffee grinder to make the rice flour from uncooked basmati rice, the food processor was too big). I didn't use two full onions, but I liked that the sweet plantain taste didn't have to compete against the onions as much. I also wish I had had more ginger, I'd used the last of it with the kele wele the other day.

I also made far too many, due to the size of the plantains, but my dad came up with a pretty quick and easy solution: fry all of the tatale, freeze the ones you don't finish, and pop them in the toaster when you want to eat them later. Because mine had been a little drier due to the flour content, it worked like a charm.

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